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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> we found a bunch of footpr t footprints in the snow from the kids. so we knew we were on the right track. >> the family was found in good condition suffering from only slight exposure and dehydration. >> i remained optimistic. but the weather conditions were drastic. and it's a miracle. >> an adventure with an incredible end that defied the odds. leanne gregg, nbc news. right now a senator's top aid escorted out of his own home in handcuffs after a child pornography raid. rg 3 on the bench. washington's star quarterback is taken out of harm's way for the rest of the season. >> you have to make sure to take care of the best players in a situation like this. >> and a man hunt comes an end after that crash kills a young
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expected mother and her friend. >> good evening. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger. we're going to start with allegations against a chief of staff. >> he is now on unpaid leave connected to a child important investigation. >> news 4's chris gordon is live. >> reporter: good evening. police urammed down his door an then he spent the rest of the day watching police go through the rest of his belongings. the police removing the senate aide from his home this afternoon. he was in handcuffs as he was taken into custody by police. loaded into an unmarked police car and taken away. they rammed open his front door and started collecting evidence.
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>> this morning just a little bit before 7:00 i heard pounding on the door and somebody saying "police open up"! . i was like what is going on? i opened up the window and looked out and it was surrounded with unmarked cop car ls. >> reporter: the u.s. postal inspection service says all documents are currently under seal. the team of investigation tors removed more than half a dozen bags and seized ryan loskarn's home computer as evidence. the u.s. senator released a statement saying i was just informed that the law enforcement agents are conducting a search of the personal residence of ryan loskarn regarding allegations of child pornography. i am stunned, surprised and disappointed on what i learned. based on this information, i
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immediately placed him on administrative leave without pay. the office is fully cooperating with the investigation. this neighbor says ryan loskarn is quiet and friendly. she didn't want to give her name. what's your reaction to the fact that he's being arrested on allegations of child pornography. >> oh god. i didn't know that. i didn't know that. but he's pretty good guy. as far as i know. >> reporter: the department of justice tonight tells us loskarn remains in custody and is expected to appear in federal court tomorrow to face charges of possession and distribution of child pornography. live in southeast washington, chris gordon, news 4. another developing story right now. we're waiting to learn the official cause of death of the d.c. police officer accused of child pornography. 32-year-old died after being pulled out last night. he was arrested and charged last week with taking nude pictures
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of a 15-year-old girl while on duty. he was out on bond at the time of his death. a rental car was also found with court documents inside. documents that belonged to washington. and the d.c. police officer linked to a prostitution ring is now behind bars. the 47-year-old was arrested this morning during his first court appearance. this afternoon we learn he's accused of luring at least two teens into his operation. his arrest comes a week after authorities raided his southeast apartment. news 4's mark segraves will have more on how barnhill allegedly operated the ring coming up at 5:30. and turmoil continues at redskins park. the team is now dealing with questions about the coach and robert griffin iii is getting shut down for the season. diana russini is live with reactions. >> reporter: that's right. robert griffin iii is done for if rest of the season according
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to mike shannahan. this is a decision made by him and the redskins owner dan snyde snyder. >> you know, coach decided to shut me down for the rest of the season. so we talked. i talked to coach. he talked to me about it. i expressed my desire to play. i want to be out there and finish the season with my guys and see it through. he explained to me the reasoning. >> what is the best interest in robert? what the best thing going forward for him? to have the experience of going through the reps or having him healthy in the offseason. we would regret it so much if he set himself back and missed another offseason. i didn't think the risk was
5:06 pm >> so kirk cousins hasn't started a game with the redskins since last year. he has played in two games this season. but does kirk cousins think he is the best quarterback on the team? we'll have that coming up in a few minutes. well, we have a short break from our stormy winter weather today. we shouldn't get too comfortable. we're in for bone chilling cold weather tomorrow. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer tells us how cold. doug? >> we're probably in for the coldest day that we have seen so far this season. today is not that bad. high temperature is about 42 with some sunshine. that's not bad at all. it's chilly now. temperatures are in the 30s in most locations. so not a frigid night. it's the combination of the temperature and the windchill. how about a windchill early tomorrow morning in the single digits and teens. and i think we stay in the teens
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just about all day long. and then we're talking about another storm system. this is a weakening storm making its way our way. this will start off with snow and transition over to rain. right now not thinking this will be a huge deal. but if you have weekend plans, definitely check out my forecast. the fairwell for nelson mandela continues. his body lying in state for three days on a hill overlooking the city, the capitol and where mandela took the oath of office as the first black president nearly 20 years ago. thousands of mourners lined up to pay their respects to the man they consider to be the father of the country. meanwhile a tribute to nelson mandela.
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diplomats joined a host of political dignitaries to pay tribute to a man who served his life for social justice. vice president biden called him the most impressive man he ever met. >> nelson mandela's life was well lived. if physical courage he shows only exceeded by the moral courage that he evidenced. >> jim advance was in south frek back in 1994 when mandela was elected president. now almost 20 years later vance is returning for the anti-apartheid leader's funeral. >> the house is expected to vote tomorrow on the budget compromise that was reached before friday's deadline. the bipartisan deal removes the specter of another government shutdown for two years.
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it presented automatic spending cuts that would include a $20 billion financial hit to the pentagon next month. negotiators say this deal cuts the deficit without raising taxes. today house speaker john boehner blasted conservative groups for urging republicans to vote against this deal. >> they're using our members and they're using the american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. >> democrats are concerned that the deal does not include an extension of unemployment benefits. the plan also makes up for lost revenue with higher airline fees and lower pension payments for retirees younger than 62. >> the man smted of robbing two pmc banks in montgomery county is now behind bars. his name is leonard forest. police arrested him after he held up a third pnc branch. investigators say they searched
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his home and found evidence connecting him to the robberies in montgomery county. >> and we are learning new details about an arrest that killed a mother over the weekend. this is the first look at the arrest of 18-year-old ronald hayes jr. he sped away from a shooting scene with his lights off and ended up hitting a van in capitol heights on saturday. 23-year-old was killed along with a 21-year-old whose mother says she was 10 weeks pregnant. and prince george's bureau reporter will have more on this. a casino group to improve a major roadway will put them back in the running for a gaming license. the parks casino would be located along one of the most congested roads in the county. at route 210 eald old ft. road
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in washington. the parks group was all but out of the running. >> there's a lot of computer commuters on the roads. >> drivers will tell you this highway is outdated outdated and overused. >> it's quite a bit of time. >> it's part of the reasons the proposal to build a casino there did so poorly. >> mgm has a better location. mgm is three to four minutes closer to everybody in the marketplace. >> mgm's proposal for a quay see know got the highest rating from consultants. now greenwood is hoping to improve chancing by throwing more money at the problem. the state has already paid for improvements. but there are seven more interchanges that need
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improvement as well. that's why the parks casino will pay for two of them. green wood racing attorney's argue paying for the road improvements put them on the same level as mgm. saying that the proposal offers a lower tax rate, less capital investment, fewer slot ma seens and less revenue for the states. but on friday, fwreenwood ceo challenged the idea that their site was bad. >> that one of the consultant rated us as a better facility. the other said we're as good as mgm. >> spokesmen say it will be up to the commissionn whether they will consider this new proposal from parks. no word on if that is going to happen. >> the casino vote is expected to take place the end of next
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week. revealing testimony at the trial of an arlington sheriff's deputy. what he said in his own defense about the night he shot and killed julian dawkins. and new reaction to a scathing report from the national zoo. who is going to win the snowman challenge? who is going to get the pat collins official snow stick? i've got the five finalists
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word of a water main break in virginia. news 4's barbara harrison at the live desk with what we know now. barbara? >> this is happening in fairfax county in the bailey's crossroads area. a water main has broken. it's shutting down between route 7 and spring drive. officials say a 12-inch main broke half an hour ago. the water is being shut off now. again, columbia pike shut down between south coral and spring road and route 7. jackie bensen is headed to the scene and will bring us updates as soon as she gets them. i'm barbara harrison from the live desk. huge chunks of ice roaring down the river in colorado. this video was captured by a police officer. the intensity of this flow took down trees and other debris
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among the riverbanks. it didn't damage any bridges along the way, which was lucky. out of the dozens of people who entered, only one can walk away with an official pat collins snow measuring stick. a panel of judges selected from a wide variety of snow creations that ranged from traditional to out of the box. pat collins shows up the top five finalists. >> reporter: congratulations, washington. you really know how to build a snowman. we asked you to participate in the snowman challenge, and boy what a response. nearly 200 entries. snow sculptures of every kind. creativity on ice. look at the duck. how did that make that? and check out the hello kitty. and the snow shark. very scary. now i could go on and on, even people without snow entered.
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how can you look away from the ice cube snowman? so how do you choose a winner? here's what we did. we assembled a celebrity panel of judges. morning anchor aaron gilchrist. morning weather man tom kierein and weekend anchor angie goff. they looked and took notes. they looked again and took more notes. and after some time using an olympic judging formula. they came up with five finalists. here they are in no particular order. the seal snowman. the snowman walking if snowdog. the lounging snowman. the snow family, and the sledding snowman. okay. so which one did you pick? who should get the pat collins official snowstick?
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the judge's decision is coming up at 6:00. i'm pat collins, news 4. >> oh, the suspense. >> we got that much snow? >> they did. just by where he is i know who won. just by seeing how much snow, i know which one it is. >> so you don't want to spill the beans. >> but it's about creativity. not necessarily mass. >> very well done. a lot of us didn't have snow. even in you had an inch to two inches of snow like we did here. the snow was so good for packing. you were able to make a big snowman. let's show you what's happening in our area today. it's not the snow. it was the cold. today was a nice day. we saw a lot of sunshine. we hit 42 earlier with all the sunshine. winds out of the south did help.
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the winds are going to be shifting in a big way. take a look at the numbers across our region. 30 in winchester. so this is going to continue to be cool night. we're not talking about rain or snow any time soon. you have to wait until the weekend gets going. but here's what is moving in right now. 38 in d.c. 19 in detroit. 12 in chicago. 8 in des moines. one below in minneapolis. that's the arctic air. and it will move in overnight tonight. here's the cold front. right now we are looking at snow towards the pittsburgh area. arctic air moving in. and then look whapds on saturday? tomorrow will be the coldest day of the season. and then saturday morning look what comes back in. it's going to be snow on saturday morning and the next storm system will come through during the day on saturday.
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right now this will start as snow and change over to rain. however, we still have a couple of days to figure this out. the storm that will create this is just off the coast of california. so we have some time to work on that. today is 42. tomorrow is a high of 31. 29 in gaithersburg. 28 in martinsburg. it won't even feel close to that cold. i think the windchill will be around 20. all day around d.c. into the teens in the north and west. a high of 32 tomorrow. right back to 40 degrees on friday. then we get to saturday. and that is snow to rain. shower activity. we're not anticipating a lot of significant weather on saturday. a high of 41. 44 on sunday. and i think sunday we'll see showers early. and then it's chilly once again towards next week, next monday,
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tuesday and wednesday. so far in december we are going to continue around average over the next week to two weeks. we are following the latest developments in a triple stabbing. police with called to the plaza tower apartments just after 11:00 last night with the report of a robbery. when they got there, they found three people suffering with stab wounds. all three were taken to the hospital. one of them is in critical condition. police are calling this a drug related robbery. they believe the victims were targeted. no arrests have been made. a virginia teenager missing now for more than four months. her alleged kid faper goes on trial in february. tonight how a judge's ruling will affect the leadup to the trial in the case of alexis murphy. and how the hospital is using this to save children's lives. and new video of the asiana
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airlines crash in san francisco.
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it's the latest chapter in the soap opera that is washington's football team. starting sunday there's going to be a new quarterback on the field. >> diana russini is out at the park with reaction from both quarterbacks and the coach. >> yeah, pat and wendy.
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we saw mike shannahan explain the change at quarterback and in a way we've really never seen him before. he admitted this is the most honest and most amount of time he's spent with the media in the last eight months. today coach made a big decision. he chose to sit rg3 for this sunday and the remainder of the season. kirk cousins now at practice. he's at the reremainder of the team. i asked him if he believes he's the best quarterback on this redskins team. >> i've said it for since i've been here and i'll say it again. i do believe robert is the franchise quarterback in washington. he's drafted number two overall. a lot of picks are traded to get him. common sense would say that this is his team, and i've never wanted to take that away from him or do anything to undermine his role.
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so my job is to help this team get a win against atlanta and the last two weeks after that. i'm going to continue to try to excel in my roll as a backup quarterback to robert. >> what is it like to be you right now? >> i tell you what, although it's a tough time, god is tegsing me. i still feel blessed to be in the nfl, be with the guys in the locker room. have the fame that i have, and you have to look at life in a different way in times like these and try to find a way too make it better. >> the quarterback needs an off season program. it's important to him. when you take a look at a quarterback who is the future, if you miss two offseasons in a row, the hardest thing to do is recover from that. i can take a look at the next three games. i would like for him to have that experience.
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but i think it would be devastating to him. after for his own future, he says he cannot worry about it. it will come down to dan snyder's decision. but this was not a typical press conference. this was theater. right now at 5:00 metro's future plans for downtown d.c. >> the new project that could bring a subway station to georgetown. >> it's a new loop around d.c. new stations. less congestion. how long before met re's plan becomes reality? new details in the case of a d.c. police officer charged with child prostitution. i'll have the very latest coming up next. >> and two friends killed when the speeding car slams into their van. one of them expecting a child. tonight the man hunt for the child who left the scen
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a fast forward through the headlines now. a top aid to tennessee senator lamar alexander was arrested after a child important ring today. his chief of staff ryan loskarn was taken from his southeast d.c. home by u.s. inspectors. he was suspended from the senator's office without pais.
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nelson mandela's body will lie in state for another two days. thousands are standing in line to bid fairwell to the man who changed the country forever. the house is likely to vote tomorrow on a compromise that is expected to pass. bipartisan deal removes the specter of another government shutdown for two years. new developments today in two separate cases involving d.c. police officers and young girls. one officer accused of child pornography is dead. another was arrested today accused in a child prostitution ring. mark segraves joins us live from d.c. superior court with the latest. mark? >> that's right. >> reporter: he is charged with running a child prostitution ring. according to prosecutors, he lured young girls, telling them he would make them models, took
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naked pictures of them and charged them between $50 and $80 and split the money with him. he did not enter a plea. now this comes as the same time another d.c. officer who was charged with child pornography was found dead in the potomac river. it was about 9:30 last night. police were called in where they recovered the body of washington from the water. washington's car and clothing were located nearby. he was facing a minimum 15 years in prison charged with taking naked pictures of underage girls at crime scenes. in what police say is an unrelated case, a second officer was found with an underage girl and drugs in his southeast apartment the day after washington was arrested.
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court records show police found numerous cell phones, drugs and two girls inside the apartment. barnhill surrendered to police last night. sources say other officers may be investigated, including his roommate who is also a d.c. police officer. now as far mark washington, we are waiting on the medical examiner for cause of manner and death. police have not said how he has died. as for barnhill, he will spend if next few nights in jail. his attorney ask he be kept separated from the general population at the jail until that court date. reporting live, mark segraves, news 4. and it will be february before
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we hear anything about a case that involving a missing teenager from virginia. 17-year-old alexis murphy. she disappeared in august in the charlottesville area. and today the judge approved a gag order request from the prosecutor in the trial of randy taylor who is charged in connection with her abduction. the prosecutor said he did that to ensure a fair trial. taylor is set to stand trial in february. authorities still haven't found alexis murphy. there is new video now. this comes as the national transportation safety board holds a one day hearing into that crash that left three passengers dead and 200 others injured. the jet was flying lower and slower than expected as it was landing. it struck a seawall and broke into pieces. the pilot told investigators he was very concerned about doing an approach for his landing at san francisco. the chairman says she wants to
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ensure the lessons of the tragedy are well learned and the circumstances are not repeated. printing organs on a 3d printer. >> doreen has more on a new hospital helping surgeons with the most difficult and complex surgeries. doreen? >> that's right, pat and wendy. doctors are using 3d printers to create exact replicas of organs. they say it's the newest tool to help children with heart problems. >> there's a limit who what photographs can read. >> if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then what is this 3d mo human heart worth? >> it helps me understand the subtle nuances a tiny bit better. for doctors here these models of real organs created on a 3d printer are not only helping them get a better visualization of sick organs, but also
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teaching medical students and parents about complex health problems, like congenital heart defects. >> it makes a huge difference in understanding how best to care for this patient and how best for the parents to understand what the child is facing. >> every time this machine moves back and forth it lays down a tiny piece of soft plastic. the width of a human hair. in a couple of hours models like these will be revealed. exact replicas of different parts of the body. but they experimented with creating everything from a 3d spine to a liver. >> spims we concentrate on certain parts of the heart and just a little bit for looks. >> reporter: he says scientists create the models from a patient's images like ct scans,
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mris and ultra sounds. they're fed into a computer program that tells the printer what to do. >> it takes a certain technology, but also a really deep knowledge of the anatomy. >> reporter: he says every day the technology improves, so don't be surprised if some time in the near future the next time someone needs an organ transplant, they'll skip the waiting list as doctors print one out. >> i think the ultimate goal is to print real organs. >> isn't that an amazing idea that it may even be possible some day? doctors are also starting to use the 3d models now to practice complex surgeries. you know, the heart can be really tiny. if you can practice ahead of time, how much of a difference it can make. >> that's genius. amazing stuff. right now new concerns about
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the well being of animals at the national zoo. what the zoo says about staffing levels. and his image was broadcast around the globe during nelson mandela's memorial alongside the world's most powerful people. and how a phony sign language interpreter made it onto the world stage. the arlington county deputy accused of murdering a man while offduty took the stand in his own trial today. i'm david culver. coming up, we're going to bring you some of that powerful testimony. we've been talking about the cold air across our area. take a look at windchills across the day tomorrow. tomorrow the windchill is 20 in d.c. # 16 in gaithersburg. plus, potential storm for
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>> he's an athletic teen who excels on and off the field and in the classroom. >> our wednesday's child has a lot of big goals and a loving family. it would be what he needs to achieve them. >> news 4's barbara harrison introduces us to nick. >> nick, i have a bunch of guys i would like to introduce you to. they're some of our best athletes. >> georgetown's university football coach invited nick, who
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at 14 aspires to play college football some day, to come to meet some of his team. >> hey, guys, i want to introduce you to nick. >> the coach told nick all the athletes are not only good on the field, but are great students as well. nick also works hard in school. his adoption recruiter says nick is terrific in most everything he tries. >> he is very athletic. he loves all sports. he does extremely well in school. >> the team was impressed with nick's tenacity, and there were high fives all around. and besides football, what does he have in mind for his future. >> a politician, when i grow up. i've always had my mind set on it. i've always wanted to do something that can help change the world pretty much. >> reporter: on the football field nick proved to have good moves. coach kelly challenged him to play hard but reminded him it's more important to work hard in school. >> that's an easy challenge for
5:44 pm
me. i have honor rolls in my classes. i've never missed an honor roll. i'm always at school every day. i've never missed a di of school in my life. >> reporter: what kinds of grays are you making? >> a's and b's? >> social workers say nick could really benefit from this family. >> nec spent a lot of his life not getting the proper attention that he needed. so we would like to see him with a family that gives him a lot of attention. >> he posed for a photo with the guys nick would like to replace on this field some day. barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for nick or another child waiting, call our special adoption hotline. 1-800-2-adopt-me. right now pepco responds to concerns about an electric shock risk in montgomery county. >> we'll hear for a family
5:45 pm
pushing for new warnings after the loss of tear teenage daughter. >> i'm tom sherwood at the national zoo. a troubling report about animal deaths and a
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bitter cold tomorrow and another round of snow before the weekend is out. doug kammerer talks to us about
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the breaks we have gotten and the ones we're not going to get. >> well, we hit 42 today. a little bit of sunshine. still well below average. the evening planner, talking about 38 now. yeah, on the chilly side. temperatures drop to 31 around 11:00 tonight. that's when the wind will pick up. we'll see the wind come through with an arctic cold front that will drop temperatures dramatically tomorrow. 38 in d.c. 35 in rockville. 37 in reston. and as far as the radar is concerned, it's all dry. it's going to stay that way for the end of the week until the day on saturday. saturday is the next chance for storminess making it our way. and tomorrow a high temperature, yes, a high temperature of 29 in gaithersburg, 31 in washington, 32 in alexandria. and it's going to be breezy, too. i think windchills will be in the teens to 20 degrees about everywhere. back to the mountains, you're not going to get out.
5:49 pm
temperatures are right around the 28, 29 degree mark. and your windchills will be around the 15-degree mark tomorrow. a very windy day for sure. you'll see winds 20 to 30 miles per hour around the mountains. and tomorrow morning for the rest of us, cold and gusty. windchills in the teens. actual temperatures between 20 and 28. the winds gusting to 25 miles an hour early. winds will subside late in the afternoon. and then on friday we rebound a little bit. 40 on friday. 41 on saturday. 44 on sunday. and once again we are looking at the chance for the mixture. i think we'll start off with snow on saturday. then it will change over to rain. that's the forecast right now. that's the storm we will continue to watch. there's still a lot of uncertainty out there about what's coming up on saturday. the national zoo confirmed
5:50 pm
staff shortages and budget problems have contributed to the deaths of several animals recently. an internal report is spotlighting the problems at one of the city's most famous attractions. >> reporter: the zebras were out and about on this cold, sunny day, and so were a few midweek visitors to the zoo, one of the top five zoos in the country. but the zoo confirmed a new report of staff shortages and animal gifts disrupting this quiet scene. >> resources are stretched thin. that worries people. >> sure. resources are stretched thin. and first and foremost is safety. so safety for animals, safe for for staff. safety for visitors. first disclosed by the "washington post," they cite the escape of some animals, the death of others and the mauling of a zoo keeper.
5:51 pm
>> there were a series of concerns voiced. and so we decided to have an internal investigation, if you will. an independent task force look into it. >> reporter: the zoo says the full internal reports will be released. but posted a brief online statement saying it's trying to improvement quality and that we take every concern seriously. visitors to the zoo today were concerned. would that make you worried? >> a little bit. i know we have the immediate for more money for our animals as well. you can see the effects towards the animals if they don't have enough money. >> tom sherwood, news 4. the parents of a 14-year-old girl who died when she touched a fence spoke out today in rockville. they want the public service commission to release more information about the risk of what's called contact voltage. their daughter died touching a
5:52 pm
fence. the power safety advocates warn downtown bethesda, silver spring, rockville, they all could pose risks. >> never, ever thought i would go to a softball game and not bring my daughter home. >> the infrastructure is not getting any better. as we sit here today there are wires as we speak. >> well, pepco released a statement saying it's in full compliance with the voltage rules and added that pepco tests all of our facilities on a three-year schedule. it's part of our ongoing inspection. a drattic move today as craig paterson took the stand in his own defense. the arlington deputy is accused of murdering julian last may when he was off duty.
5:53 pm
david culver was there for the dramatic day in court. >> reporter: wendy, a dozen witnesses testified in court today. the most surprising of them all, the man accused of murder. the defense called craig patterson to the stand. since the start of trial monday, craig patterson has sat in court quiet. but today we were there as he called on his client to testify. what were you doing on may 22nd? patterson told jurors he went on a walk with his badge, gun and cell phone. that's when he ran into 22-year-old julian dawkins who he described as intoxicated and adepressive. so much so paterson claims he pulled a knife on him. i started running and he started chasing me. patterson headed back to his car to grab his handcuffs. he was ready to make an arrest and went looking for dawkins.
5:54 pm
the two met up a few weeks away. he said he turned around, charged back at me and took a swing back at me. i thought he had the knife in his hands. i retrieved the weapon and fired. did you know your shot was fatal? >> no. mr. patterson and his ex-wife testified on his behalf, calling us an honest person and good father. the family pastor only tole told us this? >> we just pray. >> now what we just shared was only part of the testimony. i'm going to bring you the other part that includes the cross-examination by the prosecutor. why didn't you call 911 before returning to go back to see dawkins? you're going to hear patterson's answer to that all new at 6:00.
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i'm david culver, news 4. the south african government is trying to get answers about the fake sign language interpreter at nelson mandela's memorial service. the death federation of south africa says the interpreter was a phony. he was seen on tv yesterday as president obama and other world leaders spoke. south africa says it's investigating. but officials have been overwhelmed by planning mandela's public viewing. >> well, metro's plans to bring a new rail station to
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bowie state university is teaming up to give students from precious-k to 12 hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. >> we don't have to wait to do an internship. we can do internship during the school year. we don't have to narrow the focus for research. we can produce solutions. we can propose the solutions and we can involve students in the process. >> this program will be available to students in the coming months. >> well, it may take a couple of decades, but down the line you could take the metro to
5:59 pm
georgetown. adam tuss takes a closer look at the plan. >> reporter: take a close look at this new map being circulated by metro's planning department. a new loop planned around the corridor of d.c. and yes, there's a stop planned right here for georgetown. >> great idea. >> why? >> i'm an urban planner. transit promotes community. it promotes more business. >> reporter: this isn't immediate. metro is looking to the future. and this is part of the plan for 25 years from now. >> it would be helpful. we're on an island out here. >> charli would love to get off the streetsn a train. >> i have to take the bus every day to work. i would love a metro station out here. >> reporter: aside from adding a stop in jornltown, other new stations would be created and trains could constantly circle would going to tend of the line.
6:00 pm
but back here on the street, some not so sure that the city and georgetown needs the line. >> i also think there's a ton of buses and other ways to get around. i'm not sure if i'm for or against it. >> reporter: back here now in georgetown, now this would cost a lot of money. and they say with the way the system is crowded now something has to be done. adam tuss, news 4. right now a chief of staffer for a u.s. senator busted for child important. cameras are there as he's taken out of the house. winter arrived early and it's here to stay. an investigation is now under way into the troubled health care rollout. and good evening. i'm wendy


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